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Searching for a reliable affordable cleaning and pest control service is a tiresome task. At Aimpests, as registered  pest control and cleaning company in ajman, we bring to our clients the best possible effective pest control and cleaning  services available in Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai. With the motto ‘excellence through professionalism,’ we are here to provide our customers with the pest control, deep cleaning, maintenance, polishing and refurbishing of the old dusty things. We also work diligently to give our people a germ-free environment where they can spend their daily lives with peace and comfort. we do provide effective and safe pest control service in ajman and other emirates, we Emphasizing strict professionalism, outstanding quality and impeccable service, if you facing any pest issues at your home or business and looking for reliable pest control company in ajman, we Aim Premium cleaning and pest control service is a registered pest control company in ajman and ready to serve you at any time right at your doorstep. 

Our Staff

Aimpests is certified pest control company in ajman, we have a team of well-qualified and experienced personnel working day and night to provide its clients with a top-notch cleaning and pest control service in Ajman. our staff are equipped with highly advanced technology and well-trained staff, our company ensures that the customers feel like entering into a new pest-free home or workspace after hiring our services. Our certified professionals are available at your beck and call keeping in mind the standards of quality, safety and hygiene to make sure that you and your abode look as fresh as a sweet-smelling rose.

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Our Service as Certified Pest Control Company Ajman

As Aim Premium Pest Control and Building Cleaning is a certified pest control company, We, at Aim Premium Services, are proud of our affordable and reliable pest control and cleaning services as we bring to our folks a cleaning and pest-free experience like never before. Using approved chemicals and pesticides by the local authorities, our main objective is to maintain the standard and quality of our services. Our cleaning and pest control services are at par with other services in town because we make use of a range of activities including inspection, estimation, operation, follow-up and emergency handling to satisfy the cleaning needs of our clients. With these services, Aimpests take great care in providing its people with excellent customer quality and satisfaction.

Our Pest Control and Cleaning Marketing Strategy

We truly understand our marketing strategy, needs and demands of our customers. Ensuring the best possible commitment, we run a functional website 24/7 where clients can not only book their appointment but can also register their queries and complaints. Besides, we are also available on phone calls and social networking sites. Our marketing team ensures that our customers remain well-aware of our services, products used and the procedures applied for cleaning and pest control services. Using advanced technology and infrastructure, our company always remains vigilant in updating its clients about the current developments.

Our  Policy

We, at Aim Premium Pest Control and Building Cleaning, believe in making environmentally friendly policy for our clients. We use the methods, products and equipment that do not cause any harm to our ecosystem. This environment and its species are very dear to us. We make sure that our policy does not create any sort of trouble or harm for these beings. Environmental protection is a strategic part of our business strategy. We operate in a suitable environment-friendly atmosphere that checks, monitors and reports on our cleaning services and our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) activities.

Our Quality Management System (QMS)

To ensure the provision of the best quality cleaning and pest control services, As Certified Pest Control Company in Ajman our dedicated team has developed a special quality management system that operates on the following principles:

  • Employee development through involvement where our staff is trained through daily meetings, briefings and technical training.
  • Meeting customers’ requirements where our employees are properly guided on how to attract and satisfy the basic cleaning and pest control needs of the customers and clients.
  • Reviewing employees’ performance in which our quality assurance team regularly checks and audits the performance of our staff on daily basis.

Aim Premium Cleaning and Pest Control Service is a platform providing its customers with the best pocket-friendly services at their homes, offices and industries. With highly trained and professionally equipped staff, our services will make you feel satiated and satisfied in your clean and germ-free abodes.

Ajman Sanitizing & pest control
pest control and fumigation
What we do

Pest Control and Fumigation

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What we do

Disinfection & Sterilization

As a leading firm in environmental service industry, we are leads the way in delivering customized and cost-effective pest control and disinfection solutions to actively help protect against viral spectrum of viruses ie corona (Covid19), swine flu etc.

we are using UAE ministry of environment registered and local authorities approved pesticides and disinfectant products, our professionals are using latest equipment's to eradicate the problem and provide an eco friendly environment within limited period of time.

Important Information

What Disinfectant Products Do We Use?

Eco and Human-Friendly products.

We are always using MOE approved pesticides, insecticides, detergents and other cleaning and pest control products, which are been examined and fully safe, As safety is our first priority we are always considering non toxic and eco-friendly disinfectant, biosides, and pesticides. .
Our pest control and cleaning Professionals are fully trained and certified for using these products with the help of advanced technology equipment to assure you result with safe and lasting effect.

As per our operational Sop’s we are providing MSDS along with supporting docs which indicate the active ingredients used in the particular product, quantity used on site and its purpose.
Pest Control in Ajman
Protecting Our Environment
Why Disinfectant Misting

No dirt is too obstinate, no mark too lasting, our professionals not only equipped with latest equipment's, they have extensive knowledge & cleaning experience as well they are trained to deal with any kind of stain and streak.

Protect Against Viruses
is Safe
Non Toxic
& no Alcohol
Quick Kill
Non Corrosive
Skin & Eyes
is Safe

Disinfectant misting is safe for children, pets and anyone and anyone who is allergic to chemical misting

We Care for People

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